Old Hundredth

by Old Hundredth

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Recorded and mixed by Zeno Pittarelli and Jacob Sachs-Mishalanie
Album art by Shannon Stockbridge


released August 5, 2011

Matt Zotta: Acoustic guitar, group vocals
Connor Benincasa: Bass
Jacob Sachs-Mishalanie: Drums, group vocals
Jess Corey: Vocals, organ
Ricky Turner: Electric guitar, vocals



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Old Hundredth Utica, New York

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Track Name: The Thunder In Yr Step
if i tear out my hair
in the middle of the country
where no one's around
would you hear it from where you are?
or are you even listening?
are you even listening at all?

your hand surely slipped
while lighting my incense
set my body ablaze
all up to my eyelids
and i watched you again
your smoked, silhouetted body did sway!
and i soon had forgotten
the burning, the bridges, the shame

now i'm as weak as the thunder in your step
Track Name: Simple Thoughts From Highway 1
the ocean feels so distant
though it's shells cling to my feet
salty, bitter biting
tries to swallow me

and i just met my uncle
for the very first time
he sees sidewalk vandalism
and takes it as a sign

he takes notes of every scribble
and puts it on his wall
to him it feels prophetic
to others it seems so small

there's a girl that has been missing
four whole days been gone
i walk the same routine path
singing her this song

and though my friends are fighting
it all seems to be in vain
and my efforts to enlighten them
are really just the same

i don't know anything
i don't know nothin at all
if i knew anything
i wouldn't feel so tall

i don't know anything
i don't know nothin at all
if i knew anything
i would know i was so small
Track Name: Judas
put the money in the bag, sir
i need to pay the bills
i'm so tired of starving
when i know i could be full

put the money in the bag, sir
i'll do anything you want
i'll give you my family
my beautiful family...

put the money in the bag, sir
i'll point him out to you
he's the one who forgave me
for what i'm about to do

oh, i wish i'd known that this bag would cause me
so much more hunger than before...
Track Name: Fool's Gold
In the lightness our love truly shows
But light, it's so scarce to be known
Our guilty and livid bodies
Know nothing but buried fool's gold
We know nothing but buried fool's gold

And to take it you must draw your sword
And with it you cut through the broken
In attempts to save their soul
It's such a hideous and ungodly sight!
So at last I have made up my mind;
I will never put up a fight

It's right that we tuck in our shirts!
It may not save us, but it increases our worth
That's the funny thing about redemption;
It's like you're retired, but still needing to work

When everything has given way,
I will have nothing left here to say
Have we not carried our candles at midday?
I have nothing left here to say